Educational Technology for Today's Students

VT Fest; Dynamic Landscapes: VTNEA Conference Workshops

VT Fest – 2016

This year I led a Round Table Discussion regarding my Transatlantic Outreach Program STEM trip to Germany this summer.  I shared the opportunities available for teachers of STEM to participate in this amazing program.

VT Fest – 2015

At VT Fest 2015, I presented TouchCast as a new digital medium for learning and alternative assessments.  This tool creates an interactive video that can be used on iPads and computers.  Teachers can use it for the flipped classroom and students to show what they know and teach others too!

VT Fest – 2014

This fall at VT Fest, I did an Ignite Talk about the universal design for learning and the iPad.  The iPad is a wonderful tool and adapts to all kinds of student needs if you know how to unlock its’ potential.

Dynamic Landscapes – 2014

In May this year at Champlain College, I presented one three hour workshop in Digital Storytelling with the iPad and one two hour session on Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom:  Harry Potter Move Over!  They went very well and I had a lot of fun assisting educators in learning about these educational tools.

Dynamic Landscapes – 2013

This year at Dynamic Landscapes, I presented two workshops.  The first was a three hour workshop on setting up your new iPad and using the iMovie app to create learning opportunities and alternative assessments.  It went very well and was a lot of fun.  The second workshop was all about creating eBook for teaching, learning and assessment.

Tackling Digital Citizenship – Dynamic Landscapes 2012

At Dynamic Landscapes this year, our District Educational Technology Leaders presented our curriculum project on digital citizenship.  We decided it was necessary to work with teachers to embed this curriculum into our respective schools to assist students in learning to be good digital citizens.

VT Fest 2011

This year I  presented with Ben Worthing who is a science teacher from Fair Haven Union High School on how teachers can Flip Their Classrooms to enhance student learning.  Ben has done an amazing job meeting the needs of his students in a very creative way.   Ben exemplifies excellence in teaching and in his use of technology to engage and enhance learning for his students.

Vermont Fest 2010

Presentation on eLearning Vermont with Manchester Elementary Middle School Team FEST and Dynamic Landscapes 2009

VT FEST and Dynamic Landscapes 2009

Speaking Out With VoiceThread

A VoiceThread is a new way to share audio, video and pictures with others.  It is perfect for collaborative assignments, sharing learning,  critiquing  others work, and presenting information in general.  It can be turned into a movie and uploaded to YouTube too!  Seeing is believing!

VT NEA Workshops 2009

Using Twitter and Wikis 

You hear about Twitter, “tweeting”, and wikis, but what are they and what are the educational applications? This session will examine ways in which you can repurpose these technology tools to enhance student content learning, and help give your students 21st Century skills in the process! It would be VERY helpful for all participants to sign-up for both a Twitter and Wikispaces account prior to this session as we will not have time to get everyone signed up during the session. If you are not able to sign up, you will still be able to benefit from this session – not to worry! You can sign up later. These tools are highly collaborative and as we all know the ability to collaborate on a global level is very important for our students today!

Alternate Assessments:  YouTube and BlipTV

The Universal Design for Learning is all about using technology to give all students alternative ways in which to learn and be assessed to meet their individual learning needs. Using video podcasting/movie making as a learning tool and then sharing it with the world on YouTube or BlipTV gives students an authentic way to learn and teach others. Talk about the world’s largest refrigerator to “hang” your work on!! Making videos and video podcasts can cover many different content areas of the Vermont Standards as well as facilitating student learning in 21st Century Skills, collaboration, and teamwork. This session emphasizes how YouTube and/or BlipTV can be used as an assessment of student learning in a fun, collaborative and global way.

Google Tool Favorites

Google Tools for educators and students are amazing! In this session, I will be showing you what they are, where you can get them, and discussing a few of my personal favorites. They really are powerful and definitely have a place in every classroom for teachers as well as students! It would be VERY helpful for all participants to sign-up for a gmail account prior to this session as we will not have time to get everyone signed up during the session. To do this, you simply go to and go through their sign up process. Please write down your user id and password so you can log in during the session. If you are not able to sign up, you will still be able to benefit from this session – not to worry. You can sign up later. It is this account that will allow you to access Google Tools. In this session, you will be given practical tools that can be immediately used in your classroom!

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