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RHS students learn programming, problem solving

This article highlights my Mobile Computer Science Principles course where students learn to program Android Apps.   It highlights my students presenting their apps at our “App Show.”  Read the article here at this link:


Huge New Wave in Tech at RHS

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The Rutland Herald published an article on how technology is being used at RHS for teaching and learning.  Please go to this link to read the article and see how students are learning through and with technology at Rutland High School!

WCAX Report on Slater News Weatherman

WCAX interviewed Kevin Richer, Slater News Weatherman at Fair Haven Union High School, about his passion for the weather and the news.  They also came to see me even though I now work for Rutland High School to talk to me about Kevin and how it all got started.

See the video by clicking this link:  WCAX article and video

Vermont Public Radio Article:  VPR

VPR Pic 1

“(Keck) But is all the new technology helping Fair Haven Union do a better job educating kids? Sandy Kuehn and Clarena Renfrow think it is.  (Kuehn – Renfrow) “Absolutley.” “When you do a worksheet and you fill in the blanks do you really learn it and is it enjoyable? But when you ask them to create something and share it and it’s actually going to go on the web for other people to see, it’s a game changer, and they remember everything. “

Listen to the radio broadcast

Rutland Herald Article:  The Information Age Comes Alive at Fair Haven


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