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21st Century Skills

Students must have 21st Century Skills to be competitive in our world today.  They need to be able to collaborate, problem solve and be creative thinkers in addition to and in conjunction with learning content area knowledge.  Luckily, there are many technology tools at a teacher’s disposal today to help our young people achieve these educational goals.  However, many teachers are uncomfortable with these technological tools and need professional development to help them unlock  this huge tool chest and put these tools to work!

Having taught for several years as a classroom teacher and provided professional development for teachers and administration, I understand the importance of  providing successful professional development opportunities that provide on-going supports to teachers and schools.   I would love to help your district by providing technology coaching to enhance student achievement by unlocking the power of educational technologies for your school!To learn more about what I can offer your students, school and/or district, please peruse my flyer and resume (both attached below at the bottom of this page), Digital Portfolio, Blog and student work examples.  Links are in sidebar.  To learn how to unlock the powerful educational technology tools that will enhance student achievement, contact me for a consultation.
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